Holywood Stage has been rocked to the ground!


Atheeens that’s what we’re talking about. How awesome was that last night!

You crazy maniacs brought your incredible vibe at Holywood Stage and we had an unforgettable night together.

Special thanks to The Roofcats, Noiz Ritual and The Lazy Rebels, for being awesome on and off stage.

Also, many thanks to our friends Dimitris and Elena for helping with the Merchandise and Photoshoot of our show.



Magnitude (Intro Tape)

Within Your Soul

Game Of Fate

The Liar’s Truth

Nero Reborn


King Of The World

I Won’t Cry

Not Coming Home (intro)

Not Coming Home

Bass Solo

Atonement (Premiere)

Supernaut (Black Sabbath Cover) – (Premiere)



Divine Prophecy



Show’s facts:

*This is the first time that “Atonement” and our Black Sabbath cover of “Supernaut” have been performed live.

*This is the first show that songs from all of our albums “Cursed”, “Apocalypse” and “Eternal” were on the same setlist.



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