2020-2021 News Update!

Hey everyone,


Hoping that you and your families are safe and sound out there!

Apparently we’re good at NOT keeping secrets, so here’s what’s going on, in the Simplefast-world, the last few weeks:


We are working on a cover song (make a guess which band), that is going to be released in early 2021 on a compilation-tribute album! This will be our very first appearance on a compilation album and thankfully it’s a very special tribute to a band that means a lot to us and most metal bands, artists and fans!


Also, we are working on some new songs for the follow-up of “Eternal” (Yeah we know that “Eternal” is still fresh, but we have some exciting material and we want to put this out in the best possible form), so be patient and keep an eye on our pages.

Oh right…Almost forgot that we are working on a very special remake of one of our old songs…This is a totally next level situation and we are thrilled about it.


Cheers from Simplefast 

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